When was the last time you had a BATH?

Instead of a shower? When did you last relax and have a soak in a nice hot tub full of bubbles or epsom salts?

I’ve been asking this question all month and the answers (and reactions!) have been mixed.  It’s lead to some very frank discussions, a lot of laughter and some really odd looks. I’m finding that about 1/3 of the people I talk to don’t sit in a tub to soak and haven’t in a few years because they don’t have a tub. Another 1/3 just don’t take the time. Of the remaining 1/3 half of them don’t like to sit in the tub (they much prefer their showers) and the other half could sit in the tub forever.

It would seem that in the hustle and bustle of the digital age we have deemed that taking time to unwind, relax and generally take care of ourselves is unnecessary. Unrightfully so! I think that in this hectic era it is essential to make the time to stop and ponder; slow down and enjoy the moment. This moment.

And maybe while you’re at it; run a bath!

Until next time,


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