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When do you make time for you?

As a woman and a mother, I find that if I don’t MAKE time for me to refresh myself physically or mentally I tend to get more than a bit frazzled. Now this is something that women tend to put off. We always seem to be in care giver mode (or at least the vast majority of us are) and tend to put our needs and wants last. Now don’t get me wrong, I do put my child right up there as a main priority as he is a very important person (as is my partner!) We are there and on call from the moment we give birth and frequently pull all-nighters with sick children and are expected to be functioning adults the next day.

If we don’t take care of number one, how on earth can we manage to take care of everybody else on the list of people who depend on us, be they your child(ren), your spouse, you extended family, your friends, your employer, etc.

Some of us feel that it is our duty to put all others first in front of our own needs. Ladies. It is not. Personally I have struggled with this for years. I’ve neglected to put myself first in most aspects of my life. I’m actively trying to change this habit. Recently I re-joined a gym at the urging of my boyfriend, I’d been putting it off because I felt that I didn’t need it all that badly (I did…!)

I’m glad that I finally picked up that gym pass because I DID need it. I needed the ME time. I needed the time to get out of the house BY MYSELF and work on ME for my health and for my family’s health. Because if I can’t take care of me, can I take care of them?

I’m not saying that you need to run out and buy a gym pass. Not at all! Go to the library, read a book, go for coffee with a friend, go to the store by yourself, have a bath. Just do something for YOU at least half an hour a week. Schedule it if you must! But do it for you, and maybe for them.


When do YOU make time for you?